Ordering Sails

BID REQUESTS  To obtain a bid for sails please email or call us with the following information:
  • Your name, address, and phone
  • Boat Type
  • Boat Name
  • Rig Type
  • Sail(s) you'd like
  • Options such as tanbark or cream Dacron, reef rows, etc.
  • Rig dimensions (I, J, P, & E)

If you are requesting a bid for a headsail, please indicate whether it should be roller furling or hanked-on.
We will bid mainsails with full battens and Schaeffer Battslides as line item options for your consideration. We also regularly build mainsails with standard battens or one top full batten, so please indicate whether you have a preference.

If you do not know your rig dimensions, there is a good chance we have built sails for a sister ship. We can use sister ship dimensions for the purpose of providing an estimate then adjust the bid after custom measurements have been taken.

We encourage you to call our loft and talk with us about your boat and your cruising plans. This helps us know you and understand your sail inventory needs.

Please be aware that we are a small loft specializing in cruising sails. We incorporate traditional sailmaking techniques with performance design, and all our sails are designed and constructed in our Port Townsend loft.

At Port Townsend Sails, we prefer to do our own measuring, and we encourage you to participate so that we can get to know you and so that we can discuss your rig as we measure.

We often build sails for boats that are too far away for us to measure. In this case we rely on you to take accurate measurements in order to ensure a custom fit.

If we have requested that you measure your boat so that we can proceed with construction of your sails, you will find our Self-Measure Forms in PDF format here. If you are unable to download the forms, we can mail or fax them to you at your request.